AYSO Elite Soccer

Tryouts - May 8th and 10th 2014
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Everyone Plays

Players who are selected for the team get to play at least half of each game; we don’t have “starters” and “benchers.” Players develop and improve at a faster rate through game play.

Balanced Teams

We strive to ensure the teams we field are competitive with the club teams. We won’t field a team that does not have a chance of being successful.

Open Registration

Players are selected from tryouts based on objective analysis of their ability by AYSO Advanced Coaches and UK Trainers.

Positive Coaching

Elite Teams are coached by AYSO Advanced and National Coaches who adhere to our coaching philosophy.

Good Sportsmanship

Elite Teams represent AYSO and practice and play exhibiting the same great sportsmanship you find in the other AYSO programs.

Player Development

Elite Teams support our philosophy of Player Development by giving our most accomplished players a challenging environment in which to continue growing.

AYSO Elite

If you want to increase your level of play and you are a dedicated player, tryout for a 206 Elite Team. EliteTeams are the most competitive level of play in the AYSO program.

AYSO Elite provides the best environment for children to develop advance skills. The AYSO philosophies and trained coaches provide the best balance between competition and sportsmanship.

Tucson, AZ